I'm Ms. Del Gaudio, 6th Grade Social Studies teacher, and I am so happy you're here. My hope is that we will get to know each other better not only in the classroom but also through this site. I invite you to browse these pages where you will find the following:

Can you find me?!

Can you find me?!

  • The Daily Planner is an agenda of the current and previous weeks' classroom activities and resources. The planner can be used to note upcoming tests and quizzes, download study guides and worksheets, review the Standards of Learning, strike up a "How was school today?" conversation, get caught up during or after an absence, and to reinforce or practice skills at home.

  • The Links page is a list of frequently used websites including the Code of Behavior, LRMS website, Office 365 login, Discovery Education, the online text Our America, and several practice and review websites.

  • The Curriculum page outlines the 6th Grade Social Studies Curriculum and the Virginia Standards of Learnings for each unit of study.

Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope to see you back here soon and often!

Ms. Del Gaudio, M.Ed.
6th Grade Social Studies
Lake Ridge Middle School