Mar 18-22

Monday, 3/18/19

Core 1 Start, A2 Day

New Nation Title.jpeg

7a Articles Notes.png

TUESday, 3/19/19

Core 2 Start, B3 Day

A New Nation: 7A Articles of Confederation

WEDNESday, 3/20/19

Core 3 Start, A4 Day

A New Nation: 7A Articles of Confederation

7a NW Ordinance.jpeg

7a Summary.jpeg

THURSday, 3/21/19

Core 4 Start, B5 Day

A New Nation: 7B U.S. Constitution

  • Read A Better Way, pages 110-111

  • Journal:

    • Confederation to Constitution

    • Constitutional Convention:

      • New Constitution

      • George Washington, Pres. of Convention

      • James Madison, Father of Constitution

      • Small states vs. large states

      • Three branches of government (executive, legislative, & judicial)

      • Great Compromise

      • Signing at end of Convention

  • Quizlet: 7b U.S. Constitution

FRIday, 3/22/19

Core 3 Start, A1 Day

A New Nation: 7A Articles of Confederation & 7B U.S. Constitution

7b Constitutional Convention.jpeg
  • Discovery Education: Articles of Confederation, Northwest Ordinance, & U.S. Constitution

  • Brainpop: Articles of Confederation & U.S. Constitution

  • Flocabulary: A More Perfect Union

  • Quizlet: 7a Articles of Confederation & 7b US Constitution

  • Quizizz Articles of Confederation Game Code 636677 & U.S. Constitution Game Code 258635